Le Chou: Pumping News Into Europe


Le Chou is Europe's premier source of breaking news, analysis and wit. Described by the New York Times as "Europe's answer to a question nobody asked" and ex-European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker as "that cesspit of fools", Le Chou is here for you.



From the capitals of this mad continent to the halls of Brussels' decision-fakers, we will bring you the only version of the news you really want or deserve. Utilising a heady mix of dodgy contracts and archaic scriptures, Le Chou deploys more than 1,000 journalists across its European network.


After messy legal run-ins with some of Europe's most infamous and litigious politicians, public figures and celebrity animals, please be advised that Le Chou is purely for satirical and entertainment purposes. Any truth you, the very attractive reader, may infer is purely your interpretation of reality.