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Biden Buys Greenland, Trump Furious

US President-elect Joe Biden has bought Greenland from Denmark, granted the island full independence and told Donald Trump to "go suck it", all within the space of 24 hours.

Trump was infamously rebuffed in his attempt to buy Greenland from the Danes in 2019, in what the Danish government called an "absurd" offer. But presidential successor Joe Biden has now seen his bid accepted.

The Danes have reportedly given Greenland to Biden as an inauguration gift rather than selling the island, but there are strings attached.

Denmark's folklore includes tales about troublesome trolls and Copenhagen has told Biden's transition team that they expect the new president to "deal with the king of the trolls in an appropriate manner".

Trump will be doubly furious about the turn of events, as the outgoing commander-in-chief's plan to strike down the election result hinges on a recount of Greenland votes, which his team believes could overturn the electoral college result.


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