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Covid-Stricken Macron Decides To Rewatch Friends

French President Emmanuel Macron has opted to rewatch his favourite sitcom during his enforced isolation and coronavirus recovery period. But Elysee sources refused to divulge whether the head of state believes Ross and Rachel were on a break.

Macron has opted to spend his COVID downtime in the warm embrace of his favourite '90s Central Perk-frequenting gang of friends, instead of trying to run France from the sidelines.

Political analysts insist that the president thinks of himself as 'a Chandler with elements of Joey thrown in' but consensus is emerging that Macron is "pure Ross" or "a more boring version of Paul Rudd's character".

Macron is reportedly keen to give the Joey and Rachel relationship arc another chance, after hating the storyline on first watch and close aides have revealed that the president is skipping through any 'Phoebe-heavy' episodes.


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