EU HQ Illuminated By Baby Yoda Light Show

The European Commission's Berlaymont HQ has been illuminated with a light show paying tribute to Baby Yoda, the lovable Star Wars character that has captured all of our hearts. Mandalorian mega-fan Valdis Dombrovskis said: "This is the way."

10 metre-high illuminations of Baby Yoda - aka 'Grogu' - adorned the side of the Commission building as part of an end-of-year light show spectacular, intended to lift the spirits of denizens of the European quarter.

Baby Yoda has quickly become the most loveable character from a galaxy far, far away thanks to his cute antics and gremlin-like appearance. Dombrovskis is reportedly hopeful of getting the official plush toy for Christmas.

Mrs Dombrovskis could not be reached for comment to confirm or deny the rumours.