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EU Mistakenly Buys 400 Million 'Vacuums' Instead Of Vaccines

Administrative gaffe embarrasses EU officials further as vaccination rates underwhelm

Le Chou can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the European Commission has mistakenly shelled out hundreds of millions of euros on 400 million vacuum cleaners, after beleaguered procurement officials misread vaccine purchase forms.

The Commission will take delivery of nearly half a billion vacuum cleaners, nearly enough to supply each EU citizen, in what sources are admitting "is a bit of a financial blowback".

Officials were reportedly told by senior management to work 24/7 to source more vaccine doses, as inoculations lag behind the EU's targets, and the costly error may be due to sleepy, blurry-eyed fonctionnaires picking up the wrong forms.

It is not clear what type of vacuum the Commission has ended up buying although it is likely to be the ubiquitous Henry Hoover, as they seem to be the only units manufactured in sufficient enough quantities to satisfy such a mammoth order.

However, the errant purchase could also include Dysons, which would be doubly embarrassing for the Commission given that inventor James Dyson wholeheartedly supported Brexit.

A spokesperson insisted: "We are no suckers, they will be resolved internally".


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