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Faulty Spellcheck Jeopardises Brexit Deal

The EU and UK's mad Christmas rush to sign off on a Brexit trade deal could have been all for nothing as a spelling error looks set to torpedo the agreement's legal standing. Brussels has at the moment brokered a new relationship with "the Untied Kingdom".

Officials were scrambling last night to try and rewrite the legal text so that the UK parliament and MEPs can have their say on the agreement, although several analysts have sniped that the current error is actually quite representative of reality.

"'Untied Kingdom' is about right: Scotland is on its way out, Northern Ireland is gradually cosying up to the Republic and Wales will recover from its bout of Stockholm Syndrome," Wolfgang Blasé of the Political Openness and Organisation Project said.

The European Commission has launched an internal inquiry into whether the error was indeed a result of too many sleepless nights or if "someone was taking the f**king piss", one source told Le Chou.


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