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Spain, UK Agree Border Deal With 'The Rock'

Spain and the United Kingdom have agreed a border deal with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who will reportedly be deployed to the frontier with Gibraltar to keep the peace. This is a developing news story.

Gibraltar's fate was until today uncertain but now negotiators have agreed that wrestler-turned-actor 'The Rock' has agreed to oversee border issues. Details were revealed in a Spanish-language press conference, which Le Chou of course understood every word of.

The Fast & Furious star's burly presence means that Gibraltar will not be folded into the Schengen zone as originally feared by the UK government, although that would have of course been the most logical solution.

Johnson has been given full authorisation to 'Rock Bottom' or 'People's Elbow' any Brits or Spaniards that attempt to illegally cross Gibraltar's isthmus.

Fellow chrome-domed action-flick actor Jason Statham is furious with the turn of events, according to sources close to the Lock Stock thesp, as Statham expected to land the border role for himself.

Bitter Johnson rival Vin Diesel was not immediately available for comment.


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